Is MongoDB 7.1 Released?

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There is no clear information about release of MongoDB 7.1

Mongo DB 7.0.0 has been released on 19th July 2023

Meet MongoDB 7.1

  • Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) is the library used
  • *UCP Regex Option to Match Non-ASCII Characters
  • Retryable Writes Error Handling
  • Journaling is always enabled
  • Improved Efficiency for Multiple Document Deletions
  • Starting in MongoDB 6.1, there are new metrics available resharding

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You can use the command
in the MongoDB shell to check the version of MongoDB you are using.

About MongoDB

MongoDB is a NoSQL non-relational database service, and it is one of the most used nowadays. Mongo is a wordplay for the sound that forms when pronouncing the word “humongous”, which alludes to its capacity to work with particularly big datasets, making it amazing for big data implementations, which have been trending lately in an expanding IoT world, generating data every second. MongoDB was developed and is maintained by MongoDB Inc. As you can guess, the company is dedicated almost entirely to the software, which attracts new users every single day, from individuals to academic investigators to big corporations like MTV or Foursquare.

MongoDB has specific applications with product-based web applications, which essentially is another way to say e-commerce. When connecting it with the right applications, MongoDB can be used to store and analyze huge amounts of visitor data, including where they go on your website, what they click, and the amounts of their purchase. Social media and networking data work great in MongoDB because of its capacity to draw pairs and relations amongst data points. This platform has uses in data analysis, because of the speed and efficiency, it has when sorting out big datasets, one does not need a supercomputer (albeit a good one) to analyze and quickly handle many gigabytes of information.

The specific features of MongoDB are worth looking into, specifically with the types of claims the company makes about their product. MongoDB is said to perform 7 to 10 times quicker in the retrieval of data than relational database management systems (SQL ones). It says that the way it stores data can be 8 times as efficient with memory than the same comparable type of SQL software. Part of this may be due to the specific way it stores and retrieves the data. MongoDB has no particular structure with which data is stored, meaning that the user can specify it all on the go, this particular structure with the way MongoDB is written makes it run faster and more resource-efficient.


The first release of MongoDB was originally launched in 2009, similarly to other NoSQL databases, marking a very young, evolving, and exciting piece of technology. MongoDB is one of the most widely used database software and is consistently given support. The latest version is MongoDB 4.4 released in July, with an end of life yet to be determined. This software receives almost yearly updates, so we can safely expect something to come out in 2021.